Cessna 510 Mustang

The Nextant 400XT/XTi is a light jet, with excellent flight range. And PrivateFly has a preferred partnership with an accredited operator, giving us priority access and pricing to a European fleet.


  • ManufacturerMiniba
  • Seats09
  • Luggage Capacity66 cu.ft.
  • ModelCessna 510 Mustang
  • Speed561 Kts
  • Interior Height1.46 m
  • ClassificationLight Jet
  • Range2003 nm
  • Interior Width1.52 m

The Nextant 400XT/XTi is an aircraft that has been re-engineered from the original airframe of the Hawker/ Beechjet 400A aircraft. It offers the benefits of a new, modern aircraft, but with lower operating costs. This results in an 88% new aircraft with increased speed, range and efficiency. The Nextant 400XT model was introduced in 2011, with the updated Nextant 400XTi offering more space, better noise insulation and aerodynamics - including raked winglets with distinctive LED lighting.

Compared to other similar-sized jets, the Nextant 400XT/XTi has excellent flight range, making it capable of flying non-stop for up to 4 hours, on routes such as London to Athens.

Comfort And Size

Seating up 6 or 7 passengers, the Nextant 400XT/XTi has a highly-modern interior. The seating configuration offers a three-seat divan sofa, four club seats and an additional toilet seat.

The interior is elegantly designed with individual passenger controls for cabin lighting and temperature.