Unveiling the Secrets of Private Jet Charters

Vista Global Holding (Vista), the world’s leading global private aviation group provides a market update on its 2022 performance across the region, reflecting tremendous growth following landmark acquisitions and unprecedented demand from existing and new Members. Vista’s presence at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) continues to spearhead the fragmented and expanding private aviation market.

The Group continues to see strong growth across its subscription solutions and services, with revenue up over 50% against the same period 2021. The Middle East continues to be a strong and fast-growing market for the Group — reporting a 56% increase in VistaJet Program membership gross hours sold in 2022 for the region, giving great visibility on forward demand owing to three-year client signings.

In 2022, Vista streamlined its global subscription offerings across both the VistaJet and XO brands, introducing the VistaJet VJ25 membership and XO Membership. The evolving portfolio of membership options ensures every private aviation client can find a simple, flexible, and secure solution for their flying needs.

“I am incredibly excited for the future. We have experienced immense growth throughout this key market as more and more clients are turning to Vista as the go-to solution for asset-free offerings and recognize that Vista provides the best value and end-to-end experience. Our expanded team of over 4,000 experts are fully committed to developing the next era of innovative and advanced flying solutions across the globe. This will only strengthen Vista’s unrivaled customer offering and our position as the world’s largest on demand provider” – Thomas Flohr, Vista’s Founder and Chairman.


Our New Events Programme

Last year also saw the launch of our exclusive events programme for our Jet Card members, and it was wonderful for us to meet with these valued clients and enjoy time together in some spectacular settings. These included a golf event and stay at the magnificent Adare Manor in Ireland, and a private tour and tasting at the historic Dom Pérignon Maison in France. We are currently finalising our events programme for 2023, and look forward to sharing more exclusive invitations with those clients very soon.

  • Ice & snow
  • Thunderstorms
  • Sun
  • Wind
  • Fog
  • Rain

Private jets are well-equipped to deal with CBs. On departure they have faster climb rates and the ability to get above the weather, leaving airliners behind and below. Then during the flight, less commercial and time pressure than airline pilots means the crew can take longer routes to fly around CBs. On landing, the agility and manouverability of a private aircraft allows a more flexible approach to the runway, avoiding bad weather on the approach path. They can also descend later and faster to keep out of the bad weather for most of your journey.

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